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About K&N Systems

Who and what is K&N Systems?  Simply put, we’re a group of IT professionals who are more interested in ensuring the customer understands how to get the most out of technology than just selling product. 

K&N Systems is the accumulative result of several start-ups which continue to exist out West in BC.  You might say Harmony Consulting Ltd., is the father and has been in existence since 2003.  

How long has K & N Systems been around?  We set up shop in Midland in September 2009.  We have customers from BC to Ontario.

We specialize in delivering Technological solutions to our customers that are both cost effective and the best fit for their needs. We differ from our competitors because we want to work with you rather than just sell product. We want to take the time to understand your requirements and tailor a solution to meet your needs. It doesn't benefit either party just to sell you technology for the sake of a fast return. We want to build a rapport with you and provide solutions that last.

As you can see from our Products and Services pages, we cover a broad area in terms of technical solutions but we are currently most excited about our telephony and Fast Track offerings. The convergence of voice and data over networks and the Internet means we can offer our customers communication solutions that are far more economical than our competitors. We were the first provider in the Midland area who could offer you the choice to keep your existing phone number such as those starting with 526, 549 & 534, etc.  Result?  You save money!

Fast Track is a product we sell at very competitive rates. It is a conduit system for carrying cables throughout your home or business in a professional and aesthetically pleasing manner. No expert tools or skills are required. The conduit is easy to cut to size and has all of the corner and junction accessories necessary to cleanly route cables anywhere in a building. Fast Track is ideal for cleaning up trailing cables such as telephone wires, data/network cables and multimedia or speaker cables. Check out the Fast Track Page for more details and prices.

K&N Systems
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