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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was pioneered over 12 years ago and has made great strides in quality, reliability, and flexibility over the last 2 years.  It continues to be improved and enhanced as major Governments and corporations see it as the wave of the future. It is the "Hot Topic" in the world of IT.

Basically, voice and data traffic travel together independant of one another over your internet connection, through the internet and back into the normal phone network.  The result is call quality, phone and call features that you used to have to pay for and are now free, and the lowest over-seas long distance rates in history.  Did we mention free North America calling with no restrictions?

K&N Systems provide digital telephones that work using VoIP. After initial installation you get a monthly bill, just as before, but at cheaper rates, which means our prices are extremely competitive. The digital telephones have all of the functionality a traditional analogue telephone system would have. Hunt groups, call pickup, forwarding, music on hold, busy lamp indicators and much more.

We now offer High Speed Internet Services.  You now have a choice.  Our Internet is tuned to maximize the quality of a VoIP telephone System giving comparable call quality compared to “Them” with all the features you love but would have had to pay for separately.  And, we do it all for less money with local Canadian Technical Support.

Call K&N Systems on (705) 481-1164 and tell us your requirements. We are sure that you will be delighted with our Services, Products and Prices!

Ask about our internet service too!

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