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Fast Track

A fast, economical & easy way to run cables through your home or business. The Fast Track cable management system is a clean single channel design, ideally suited to routing and protecting low voltage cables such as computer, video, telephone and music centre wires in one aesthetically pleasing application.

Fast Track is a cost effective way to route surface mounted cables from point to point within a building. Precision engineering makes it easy to get from A to B creating a professional finish along the way. No wall fishing or unnecessary drilling. Fast Track allows you to easily plan a cable run throughout a building. The conduit can be quickly installed and the cables secured within the channel.

To aid a professional looking installation, a number of Fast Track accessories can be used, such as inside and outside corners, angles and T-junctions. Reducers all you need to join two different sizes of Fast-Track, which can be purchased in any colour, for your convenience. No technical expertise or specialist equipment is required.


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