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Disaster Recovery

OK, let's think this through...........Are you happy to put all of your eggs in one basket? Yes, no, maybe?

You have house insurance right? You have car insurance too? Pay money into a pension plan? Do you have health insurance? These may seem like silly questions.

But based on how most of us would answer those questions, why would you put all of your data onto one single point that can fail and hope nothing goes wrong? This is the single biggest reason why people lose their information.

The problem is that most people do not see the benefit of laying out cash for even a simple solution.........until that is........Booom!, "error reading Drive C:" and, the drive has died and the data lost........Then they're willing to pay crazy amounts of money to retreive it again.  All those vacation photo's, family get-togethers, emails, and important documents.....gone.

Disaster Recovery does not just mean recovering from a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake.  It means, a fire of any size in your home or business, a water leak, even a single lightning strike, or maybe, your hard drive just dies and the ability to simply replace the damaged equipment, and easily restore your data.  It's just like an insurance. It isn't difficult to set up and doesn't cost a great deal of money. However, it will be your knight in shining armour when things go wrong and you need some help to get things going again quickly.

Call K&N Systems now to discuss your Disaster Recovery options and choose the right plan for you!

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