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Custom System Builds

PC Builds Why be satisfied with the looks and performance of a boring, off the shelf computer system? Express your style! Get peak performance and maximum value by selecting your own case and components! For high end systems, gamers, or special needs for business or home entertainment. When a cookie cutter PC won't cut it, ask us about a high powered or high value computer!

Digital Telephones

Digital Phones Professional digital telephones with all the functionality you will ever need. These telephones perfectly compliment K&N Systems VoIP solutions. Voice and data convergence means that you can use a digital telephone to make calls over the Internet and have all of the regular functionality, such as busy lamp indicators, music on hold, call transfer, hunt groups, etc, at your disposal and at a fractions of the cost you would pay for a plain old telephone system.


Websites It's time to get your business noticed on the Internet. A website is your electronic business card. No other form of advertising can promote your business to as many people or as quickly as a website can. Everyone who has a computer connected to the Internet will use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo to find what they are looking for. Get your business listed with all of your contact details, otherwise you are losing out to your competitors.

Fast Track

Fast Track Get rid of all of those unsightly cables required for telephones, computer systems, multi-media, speakers, televisions etc. Fast Track is a surface mounted conduit system which is easy to install. Get professional results without any specialist equipment or skills. Plan your cable route, cut the Fast Track to length and peel off the backing, stick it to the wall, floor or ceiling and then place the cables in the tray and clip on the front. Supplied with all of the angles and junctions you will need to get from A to B. Available in all colours and sizes!

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