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Website Development & Hosting

Website Development It can be suprising how many businesses have boring, stale web sites, or even worse, no significant web presence at all! Your potential customers are looking for your services on the web... right now! They will either find you, or your competitors! We can help you develop a current, cutting edge website that will grab the attention of the masses! For less than you might think, and a lot less than our competitors, we'll help you tap into a new source of customers and revenue! Contact us today!

Digital Phone Systems & Voice over IP (VoIP)

Digital Phones People are gearing up with all sorts of high tech gadgets, but many still use antiquated analog phones that haven't been greatly improved in the last five decades. Now is the time to upgrade to a crystal clear digital phone that works over the internet and will save you money on your phone bill! We offer the leading edge telephony solutions, phone systems for home and business that run over the internet. Save money and get all the features the other guys charge extra for. Want call waiting? Personalized voice mail? Caller display? Ulimited long distance calls all across North America, and great rates overseas for only pennies per minute? You can use your existing analog phones with a digital converter, or switch to fully digital phones, and run your telecommunications over high speed internet! You'll be glad you switched, enjoy saving money, and never want to go back!

Data Backup Solutions & Disaster Recovery

Backup The time to prepare for disaster is before it happens! If you don't have a backup solution, your precious data is in jeopardy! Can you afford to risk your irreplacable document, photos, videos, email, or contacts? Of course not! We can help you safeguard your data! You'll rest easy knowing that your personal information is safe from accidents or prying eyes! We can set you up with data redundancy and encryption. Ensure the safety and privacy of your data today!

Help And Support

Help Don't go crazy trying to figure out computer problems that just won't go away! And don't pay more money when you can get the best results from us! We troubleshoot all manner of home and small office computer issues, get rid of viruses etc., upgrade existing computers to improve performance and storage... you name it!

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